6 Important Reasons to Buy Aussie Made

Australia’s shopping habits are shifting. A recent report showed that more than 70% of Aussies are consciously supporting local businesses online, with Australians increasingly choosing home-grown products.
But why is this happening? You’ve probably heard that supporting local businesses is a great social cause, but it’s not always clear why.

That’s why we’ve put together 6 important reasons to buy Aussie made products and why buying local matters. Enjoy!

1. It’s eco-friendly

This one’s a biggie. Buying from Australian companies means there’s no international shipping involved. No international shipping? No toxic carbon emissions from long-distance jet fuel.

Choosing local just became that little bit kinder to the planet. Right on. 

2. It supports local communities

When you buy locally, you help keep jobs and wealth flowing in the area.
In times of political instability and global crises emerging left, right, and centre (casual pandemic, anyone?), supporting Aussies and their local trades is more important than ever.

3. It makes use of Australia’s natural resources

Australia’s an incredibly biodiverse country and its land is rich with natural resources.

Championing Aussie made products helps increase awareness of the wealth of resources available from local environments. With this knowledge comes an understanding about what this country – and its amazing people – have to offer.

4. It helps build relationships

Often, shopping local means you’ll chat directly with the business owner or maybe their family member. This is important for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it helps you to network and build relationships. In a world of ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, another contact in the community is always valuable.

Secondly, it creates a super-easy way to provide feedback. If you love a product or feel it could be improved, responding directly to the owner means quicker development for both business and consumer. Everyone’s a winner.

5. It’s more ethical

Large corporations have complicated supply chains and source from factories in many countries. Often, they don’t even know who their suppliers are – the system is that vast. The issue with this is that exploitation becomes rife.

Workers skilled in packaging and production are often paid minimum wages in developing countries and employment laws are a myth. These people just aren’t protected.

In contrast, Australian employment laws such as The Fair Work Act are some of the most vigilant and protective legislations in the world.

So, when you buy Aussie made, you can be far more confident that the workers who produced your product are protected in ways that, unfortunately, many foreign workers aren’t. 

6. You’ll know the origin

Buying from big corporations means it’s almost impossible to find a name or address behind their business. People become anonymous and many of them don’t know where their products originate from.

Buying Aussie made is a different story.

 You get a clearer picture of where your purchase comes from when you shop locally. Products will be sourced from land you’re familiar with, and you may even recognise the town listed on the company’s contact info. Heck, maybe you even dated the owner. Anything’s possible in Aus.

Well there you have it – 6 important reasons to buy Aussie made products. From climate protection to community support, there’s genuine value in keeping your dollars local.

So next time you grab your wallet to go for that impulsive, big business buy, think Aussie made instead. You won’t regret it.



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