Why Wearing SPF Daily is the Best Beauty Hack (Even if it’s winter. Even if you’re inside.)


women in greay singlet, looking into the mirror in her bathroom putting sunscreen all over her face and her neck. She has fair skin and light blonde hair

9.3 billion dollars. That’s how much the Aussie beauty market is predicted to be worth come 2025. Huge, right?

Australians are spending more and more on beauty products, splashing their cash on big buys like skin repair serums and lotions. We Aussies just love to look good – and it’s a goldmine for beauty brands.

But here’s the funny thing: when it comes to beauty, just one product takes centre stage as THE best investment you can make.

It’s sunscreen.

Here’s why applying SPF daily (yup, even in winter) is the best beauty hack to keep your skin healthy, gorgeous and glowing for years to come.

Moisturising effects

 Let’s start simple here. Applying SPF every day is a fool-proof way to keep your skin soft and moisturised – an essential factor in any beauty regime.

Many good-quality sunscreens now double up as moisturisers, and even if they don’t, their consistency often has moisturising properties that treat your skin to a moment of soft, silky bliss.

Kiss goodbye to dry skin and slather on the sunscreen.

Reduces blotchiness

Sun exposure is a common culprit of red, blotchy patches and uneven skin tone – even in winter.

When exposed to the sun’s rays, your skin automatically speeds up the production of melanocyte cells as it tries to protect itself. These cells darken your skin tone – causing tanning – but sometimes they increase unevenly, leaving you with random darker and lighter patches of skin. 

This happens on cloudy days, and even in the winter, because UV rays are always in the atmosphere – even when you can’t see the sun.

What’s more, when UV rays hit your skin, they can cause irritation. Hello red, blotchy skin. 
The good news? Sunscreen protects you against these lil’ nasties. Apply SPF daily and you’ll soon notice blotchy, uneven patches start to improve. 

UVB and UVA how sunscreen works. Graph showing it entering the skin vs bouncing off the skin.

Prevents ageing

Honestly? You can try all the anti-ageing serums, moisturisers and eye creams on the market, but the best way to protect your skin from signs of ageing is daily sunscreen use. 

Yes, your skin’s going to age whatever happens. That’s life. But what you may not know is that there are 2 types of skin ageing

1. Intrinsic (inevitable, chronological ageing by the body)

2. Extrinsic (caused by lifestyle and environmental factors like sun exposure, smoking and pollution)

You can’t stop intrinsic ageing, which is generally stuff like sagging skin and a loss of firmness. Extrinsic ageing, however, shows up as premature wrinkles, dark spots and actinic elastosis (elastic-like skin) – and you can protect your skin against it.

What’s so great about sunscreen is that it’s literally proven to slow extrinsic skin ageing. So slap it on and stay youthful. 

Lady with sunscreen on her hand applying it to her body at the beach in winter


Any self-respecting beauty lover knows that decent skincare products don’t come cheap.

But the daily application of sunscreen protects you from expensive skincare commitments in the future. 

People with sun-damaged skin pay hundreds of dollars for fine line and wrinkle treatments – chemical and physical processes that might not be the safest, and certainly leave your wallet lighter. 

Invest in regular SPF usage, and you’ll save money that Future You would have spent trying to repair sun-damaged skin. By protecting your skin from damage now, you’re saving yourself tons of dollars in the long term. 


From a soft, smoother skin tone to saving money in the long term, daily SPF application is the best beauty hack on the market. 

So, get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Just make sure you wear SPF and look beautiful while doing it!

Locals only sunscreen image of Locals surfing in new zealand. Professional photographer has taken this of friends surfing in the winter together. They are all wearing long steamer wetsuits and the water is calm and blue 


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