About us

Hey! We’re Anna and Bryce, co-owners of Locals.

We grew up on the sunny Central Coast, NSW Australia. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, stunning bush walks and a wholesome community. 

Locals has been a project of ours for some time now, as we (like most of Australia) were in lockdown, we decided it was time to design our beach umbrella collection whilst pulling inspiration from the magnificent landscapes of Australia. If we couldn't appreciate travelling Australia at this current time, we wanted to be sure we could take a bit of it on every future adventure. So here we are, 5 unique designs all from the beauty Australia has to give. 

  Our inspiration for Locals comes from observing and appreciating the beauty of Australia.

The many family holidays, camping trips with friends and travelling around Australia has always left us in awe of how diverse and beautiful our country is. We have off track dirt roads that meet crystal clear oceans, dense native bushland that has hidden swimming pools, and red sand that rolls on for kilometers. 
To us, a good beach umbrella is light, sturdy, practical and stylish (obviously). 
It was also important to us to give back in any way we could. We have partnered with I=Change, which commits $1 from every online purchase to support a charity of your choice!

We hope you enjoy our beach umbrella collection as much as we loved creating them for you. Now, go on and get out there, stay at that picnic longer, spend the day fishing on the beach, take one on your next adventure. Enjoy!

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