Great Barrier Reef Beach Umbrella

  • $220


One of Australia’s most breathtaking natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the unique beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. This Beach umbrella is inspired by the the gorgeous tones of blues and teals we see throughout.


STAY ALL DAY - 90° Tilt to move with the sun to be shaded all day with a 1.9m canopy 

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Easily adjust the height of your umbrella to go as high or as low as you need. With the 2 pole structure you can always have it at your preferred height!

CUSTOM DESIGN -  Colour palette inspired by the colours of Australian Landscapes

WONT FLY AWAY - Designed with an extra long 12.5cm screw to hold into the sand all day. Strong fibreglass pole and fibreglass ribs under umbrella canopy. 

SUN PROTECTION - UPF 50 Fabric to give extra protection. Remember to always slip, slop, slap and slide! 

CARRY BAG WITH ZIPPER - We have made it even easier to rush off to the beach! Every umbrella comes with a matching custom designed umbrella bag with over the shoulder straps. It was important that setting up and packing down your umbrella was super simple so we added in a full length zipper and extra room so you don't have to struggle. 


Q) What is the weight of the beach umbrella?

A) 4kg in the carry bag

Q) What is the pole material made out of?
A) It is made from aluminium. Aluminium is durable, stable and strong in high winds. Perfect for a beach umbrella.

Q) How does the pole stay in the sand/grass? 

A) Our beach umbrellas have an extra long (12cm) thick screw that tightly grips the sand. What we recommend is to first dig a small hole and reach the hard sand, before screwing the umbrella pole in tightly.

We also have the ability to adjust the height of your umbrella canopy, this also helps when it is a windy day to be sure your umbrella stays put! 

Q) How do I care for the umbrella?

A) You can view our care instructions here 

Q) How many people can fit under the umbrella? 

A) This varies from person to person. Our canopy has a 1.9m diameter and can shade up to 3 adults (2 adults 2 children) comfortably.

Q) How far does the umbrella tilt?

A) The beach umbrella pole has a tilt system that can be used to increase protection from the sun or wind. It tilts 45 degrees each way (total of 90 degrees). It is safest to use the tilt in the direction the wind is travelling to avoid damage to the umbrella.

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